Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lapping it up

It's a bit hard not to be affected by the greater events of the world, and while there's long been war, violence and natural disasters throughout time, I've grown more sensitive to these events as I've got older and perhaps also because I have children.  It does make me wonder what kind of world I am bringing them into and made me reflect on the action I can take as an individual - the only thing I can control.
Image via Mindful in May Facebook page
Founder Dr Elise Bialylew image via Mindful in May
It is actually Mindful in May next month - a global meditation challenge to create a habit of mindfulness based on just 10 minutes of meditation per day for 31 days, while raising funds for clean water projects at the same time.  And while you don't necessarily need to do this challenge to develop a mindfulness habit, I think it's a great idea as most of us could benefit from creating more focus, clarity and calm on a regular basis in our daily lives.
Dr Gabby Ostrognay image via Here She Is
And while I'm on the topic of mindfulness, I also wanted to mention the next Red Shoes women's networking event being held on Wednesday 13 May titled Dealing with Conflict led by psychologist Dr Gabby Ostrognay.  Like most people, I like being liked and have not always found it easy dealing with conflict in the past.  I think anything that gives you strategies to manage conflict at home or in the workplace is a wonderful thing and to realise that not all conflict is bad.  It's not always possible for everyone to agree all the time and this can sometimes lead to better outcomes if the issues are thrashed out and some kind of consensus is achieved.
Image via Ivanhoe Aquatic & Fitness Centre Facebook page
Finally, talking about healthy body, healthy mind, I was at the newly redeveloped Ivanhoe Aquatic & Fitness Centre yesterday and it was opening its doors this morning with the official gala opening being held on Saturday 9 May from 10am with free entry.  While the pool area has not largely changed, the new building (including new change rooms, cafe area and lounge) looks fantastic and I'm looking forward to checking it out in all its glory.

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