Thursday, March 5, 2015

A woman's day

I went to the International Women's Day brunch this morning in the Streeton Room at The Centre Ivanhoe (one of my favourite buildings) held by Banyule City Council and had a great time!  I was seated with Caitlin Armstrong from Banyule Arts and Culture and a number of other women including textile artist Teresa Bennett, ceramicist Lene Kuhl-Jakobsen and sculptor Irianna Kanellopoulou, along with another person whose profile will be up on my blog tomorrow.  We were treated to a panel discussion by four different women from Banyule of varying ages and cultural backgrounds on 'making it happen' and the whole event was hosted by a very entertaining female comedian who acted as MC.  There were also a number of men there including the Mayor of Banyule and a number of councillors including our only female councillor Jenny Mulholland.
Image via The Centre Ivanhoe blog
I guess I've always been proud to call myself a feminist and in my real life, I am actually a 'Ms' who has also kept her maiden name so it was interesting to touch on the challenges women have faced, and continue to face, in Australia and around the world.  The issue of domestic violence was raised during question and answer time and I do think this is something that concerns us all as a community.
Image via Banyule City Council
On a lighter note, I then ventured to Hatch Contemporary Arts Space to view the Dada Lives! exhibition whose opening I missed last night.  It pushes the boundaries a bit more than past shows (some of it isn't suitable for children) - needless to say I particularly love the artwork involving the use of old books by both Kir Larwill (oil paintings of ships on book covers) and Nicholas Jones's book sculptures, which are quite breathtaking.
Nicholas Jones - Artist-in-residence Dada Lives! Exhibition
I was also lucky enough to find Nicholas Jones in residence today so had a chat with him about his work - he spent his formative years growing up and living in Ivanhoe and I love that his studio is in the Nicholas Building (no pun intended!) in the city - another beautiful heritage-listed building if you ever get the chance to visit.
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  1. It was lovely seeing you there Christina, it was a nice way to spend the mornining.

  2. It was great that you came along Leanne - I hope your year has got off to a good start. I'm personally very glad the Sheep year has started - hopefully a better one for artistic/creative people...