Monday, February 9, 2015

Merri souls

I took Mr Rosanna to see the sold out Paul Kelly & The Merri Soul Sessions gig at Zoo Twilights on Saturday night as his belated birthday present from last year and it was fabulous!  While he is an Australian music legend, I'd not actually ever seen Paul Kelly live - it was a seamless performance as you would expect from such a seasoned professional.
Image via Paul Kelly website
Mr R and I actually got there late (doors open at 5.30pm if you want to stake out a good position).  This would be before the tree that is slap bang in the middle of the lawn and slightly left of the stage so you can also see the accompanying big screen (it's also closer to the food vans if you don't bring in picnic food, which are located behind the first aid area/reptile enclosure to the far left).
We didn't mind being up the back as we were out of the sun which was still stinging hot at 6.30pm (take hat, sunscreen and sunglasses if you do go earlier) and it also meant we could make a quick getaway after the gig was over.  We were right near the lion enclosure and music over the course of the night was interspersed with their occasional roaring and rumbling, which makes the zoo experience all the more unique.

Highlights of the night included duets by all the singers including Dan Sultan, Clairy Browne (who Mr R and I have previously seen live), Vika & Linda Bull and Kira Puru as well as an encore performance which ended with them all singing acapella.  It was also great to hear some of Paul Kelly's other hit songs including How to make gravy, Sweet guy, Song from the 16th Floor, Give in to my love, Dumb things as well as Beggar on the street of love (which has also been covered by Jenny Morris).
Image via Pledge Music
For Christmas this year, I actually gave Mr Rosanna the limited edition vinyl box set of The Merri Soul Sessions along with some Whisky Stones - a good idea if you have any whisky drinkers in your household.
Image via Peter's of Kensington

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