Monday, February 2, 2015

Jump and climb

There were a few things on this past weekend which I didn't get a chance to post about including the opening of Latitude Melbourne - a new trampoline and climbing centre which has opened in West Heidelberg, which will give Bounce Blackburn and Clip n Climb in Richmond a run for their money if you have kids.  I've already been to a number of birthday parties at Bounce and I am also still old enough to remember when there was a roller skating rink in Heidelberg when I was growing up.  I think the closest one now is Skaterz in Eltham.
Fairfield Summer Concert Series image via Multicultural Arts Victoria
The Fairfield Summer Concert Series held by Multicultural Arts Victoria also started yesterday in the Fairfield Amphitheatre where I've previously seen African Drumming and Dancing - and will be held every Sunday throughout February from 5 - 7.30 pm - entry is free.
Image via Bell St Mall
While Chinese New Year doesn't officially start until 19 February - there are celebrations which have already started if you check out the Mel: Hot or Not blog and locally, there will be a twilight market celebrating the Lunar New Year on Friday 25 February from 5 - 7 pm in the Bell St Mall in Heidelberg West.  I've also heard the celebration in Box Hill is good if you don't feel like going to the city.

Interesting to see that vegetarian restaurant Smith & Daughters in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy was the winning restaurant for Dimmi's 2015 People's Choice Awards.  I've long liked Shakahari in Faraday Street, Carlton which is a Melbourne institution.  If you are a vegetarian there is a very entertaining, and very popular blog called The Veggie Mama which you should check out.

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