Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A heart full of love

Yes, it's Valentine's Day this coming Saturday and while, like many couples, Mr Rosanna and I don't celebrate it, I have an enduring love for all things heart-shaped and it remains a continuing motif in my life.  I'm not the only one - one of my favourite stylists, Pia Jane Bijkerk also has a similar one which is documented in one of her books I have called My heart wanders and whose daughter was born on Valentine's Day!  Janine Burke has also written a biography called The Heart Garden, which is also in my library, on Sunday Reed who actually created a heart-shaped garden at Heide Museum of Modern Art.
Image via Pia Jane Bijkerk blog
Image via fishpond
I have a number of pieces of Tiffany jewellery by 1970s style icon Elsa Peretti whose designs include both the more common open heart series - I actually prefer the more organic shape of her full heart range.  Locally, Cinnamon Lee has her secret heart range of jewellery and Misuzi also do a range featuring hearts, as do By Charlotte and Nicole Fendel.
Image via Tiffany website
I also love the Blank Goods range of Valentine's Day craft ideas - so many to choose from in their Valentine's Day online shop including the DIY Cookie Love Notes and Draw Your Dreams kit.
Image via Blank Goods website
I am a bit of a bower bird and many of the things I've collected on my travels or been given by friends and family over the years carry the most sentiment for me - some Indian brass bells, a vintage typewriter, miniature elephants, Buddha heads, teapots, feathers and shells.  The most precious thing I think you can give someone in life is your attention and time.

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