Thursday, January 22, 2015

This is Australia

While things aren't perfect in our country, I consider myself a proud Australian and part of the migrant success story that forms most of our personal family backgrounds (unless you are indigenous Australian) whether your forebears came here from Scotland and Ireland (as is the case with Mr Rosanna) or more recently like me in the last two generations.
Indeed, it was my great-grandfather who came out here from China jumping ship in Melbourne to start a market garden in Bentleigh before bringing my maternal grandfather here to join him, my grandfather learnt English from Catholic priests and ended up converting to Catholicism and having nine children which is another story entirely!  My great-grandfather is actually buried at the Melbourne Cemetery in Parkville and was quite a naughty man from what I can gather.

My dad's dad came out for the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne as a chef bringing my dad and his older brother out on student visas before the White Australia immigration policy was eventually abolished and my paternal grandmother and dad's younger brother could finally be reunited with the rest of the family.

On both sides of my family, my grandparents basically started with nothing in very hard times given post-war 1950s Australia was nowhere near as progressive and multicultural as it is now.  They built businesses here, bought houses, educated their children and prospered and it's not something I take for granted - I feel lucky to have been born here.  Mr Rosanna's paternal grandparents have a similar story - his grandfather came back from the war with nothing and basically had to start all over again rebuilding his life - starting his career, buying a house and bringing up a family with his wife.

I daresay many of you will be celebrating Australia Day with family and friends with a backyard barbie of some kind.  My fellow blogger Joyce from Mel:Hot or Not has done a fabulous round up of Australia Day events around the place if you've not yet made plans.  Have a great Australia Day!

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