Monday, January 12, 2015

Home straight

Welcome to 2015.  I've had a fairly subdued start to my year not helped by falling in a heap and getting sick after Christmas followed by my children having medical procedures in hospital - it was definitely not fun times in my household for a while there.  I did manage to have a great NYE at our neighbours' place down the road where we could see the fireworks and I hope you have had a better start to your year - I do love celebrating the new year here in Melbourne.  Given I'm Chinese Australian, I'm also quite happy to start my year all over again when the refined and artistic Sheep year gambols in on February 19.  There have been a few too many dramas both personally and in the outside world in this outgoing Year of the Horse!
Fed Square image via That's Melbourne
I did have a lovely lead up to Christmas hosting both our street party and then my family on Christmas day for lunch at Chez Rosanna as much as it was a sprint to the end.  My friend Jasmine popped her head in that week with some home made plum jelly and crunchy granola (yum!) - there's nothing quite like hand made presents made with love.  I gave my sisters some indoor plants as presents but ended up having to do a last minute exchange after discovering they could be toxic for small children and pets - I wish the nursery had mentioned that to me before marketing them as Christmas presents so there's a tip for you if you ever buy the same for your friends or family as gifts.
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One of the best Christmas presents I received was a fitbit - the activity tracker anticipated to be worn by 40% of the population in one form or another over the next five years.  And while it may seem a bit Big Brother having all your fitness details recorded online - it's been an eye opener clocking my daily physical activity (or lack thereof) since the New Year.  Rather than resolutions, my goal carried over from last year is to sign up for a 10km run this year having upped my running in the lead up to Christmas.

It was great to see some of my oldest friends visit from interstate and overseas too over the break and as much as you can make new friends in life at any stage, nothing quite replaces the history you have with the people who've known you the longest.  And the other best thing about summer? Lazy days and warm nights ahead - I managed to visit a few places over the break (which you'll soon hear about) as well as discovered some cool clothing, make up and accessories perfect for warmer weather and nights out.  I've also got some new local profiles lined up and I am looking forward to sharing these with you.  Bring on the Sheep!

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