Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Peace on earth

Despite the events of the past week in Sydney, this is still something I believe in, as well as goodwill towards all humankind.  And I will take with me and remember the best things about humanity in the face of such tragedies - courage, kindness, tolerance, leadership and sacrifice - perhaps the greatest sacrifice of all is to lay down your life for another.  May those who have fallen this year have stars that always shine the brightest in the sky.
I have taken solace in my own community of my closest friends and neighbours this past week celebrating my annual Kris Kringle with my girlfriends and their babies and toddlers in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.  (A tip if you are heading south of the Yarra - take Power Street, Swan Street and Alexandra Avenue as Punt Road is an absolute nightmare.)  We set our picnic up just behind the National Herbarium on the Western Lawn as the Children's Garden is currently inaccessible until 20 December.
I also had a 'crafternoon' making origami butterfly decorations using pages from old books and paper pom poms at my creative neighbour Paula's beautiful house on the back of an absolutely exhausting week spent running around from one place to the next. There is a lot to be said for a moment of stillness and saying no when you've had enough. It was an oasis in the midst of the Christmas maelstrom.
Like many of us, I am still working leading up to Christmas so if you're starting to gear up for entertaining, fun, food and other festivities, I'll be back later this week with more.

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