Monday, November 17, 2014

The fun list

It's probably a reflection of our busy lives but Mr Rosanna has actually created a 'fun list' as opposed to a 'to do' list where we are actually scheduling some fun activities to do as a couple and as a family instead of getting caught up in the chores of daily life, where everything starts to feel like work whether you are at home or in the office.
La Breizoz - interior
So with that in mind, we went out for crepes for lunch on Sunday at La Breizoz on the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick Streets after the big rain in Melbourne.  I'd never been there but love a good crepe (check out La Petite Creperie in the city if you're in town) and after having been to Bar Sur Loup a few times recently, it was good to go somewhere different and more traditional including being served apple cider in special cafe au lait mugs.  La Breizoz is owned by a Frenchman and during the time we were there, a French family came in to eat as well as an older French couple so it is the real deal.  Mr R reckons they're the best crepes he's ever eaten which is a big statement!
Mango and blueberry sorbet dessert crepe at La Breizoz
We went for a wander down Gertrude Street which is one of my all time favourite streets in Melbourne - a bit more low key than bustling Brunswick Street - walking past social enterprise Charcoal Lane and The Gertrude Hotel where I have previously been for a meal.  I love some of the quirky shops in the street including the Design Dispensary and the aptly named Sunday Morning Designs not to mention Obus, Leonard Street and Aesop.  I loved the art deco styling at gentleman's outfitter and barber shop Pickings & Parry with the motorcycles out the front and the antiques and industrial chic at Tarlo & Graham.  The Everleigh Bar with its marquee lights also makes a cool statement on that side of Gertrude Street where you can also find an indoor skate rink and Ladro pizza.
Barber shop inside Pickings & Parry
The other side of the street also has the original Crumpler store and more cool foodie places like Gertrude Street Enoteca, Cutler & Co, De Clieu and Anada not to mention the Builders Arms Hotel where I spent a good part of my twenties dancing the night away.  If you're into more modern design, Spacecraft Studio and Shop is also located on that side of the street.  There are a heap more places to see in the street if you're there and I also think Smith Street has some fabulous places to eat and shop - in some ways they both have more street appeal than Brunswick Street being less crowded.
There is a huge amount of things on this coming weekend and I'll be posting more about these later this week.

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