Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On the road

I was out on the road visiting my client Avant Card in Brunswick this morning and there are things I miss about the inner city with its vibrant culture, fashion and happening things.  While I don't miss the traffic, the pollution, the crime or all the concrete - I'm lucky enough to have the best of both worlds living in leafy suburbia but still visiting some of the latest places in the north-east (or at least seeing them!).
Image via Hellenic Republic website
On the way there, I noticed a new cafe called Benjamin's Kitchen is about to open on Heidelberg Road in Alphington, just before the Heidelberg Road Vintage Bazaar if you are in the area.  If you're into wholefoods, George Colombaris is also about to open his new cafe later this month called Mastic on Cotham Road in Kew just next door to Hellenic Republic Kew.

Images above via The Yoga Lab website
While I was in Brunswick I went to visit our friend Marsden Williams at his second hand record shop Muscle Shoals (named after the famous music studio) forgetting his shop is closed on Tuesdays but while I was there I picked up a brochure from The Yoga Lab - a creative, community-centric hub also located in that shopping strip.  Given I used to live walking distance from that Brunswick East group of shops near Hellenic Republic Brunswick, it did make me a little wistful.  But life changes with children and Mr Rosanna and I have no regrets about moving to Rosanna.  In many ways, I think I've got closer to my creative side than what I would have had we remained in Brunswick, because I've been forced to seek out arts and culture around here rather than have it coming to me.
Muscle Shoals Second Hand Records image via Yelp
Finally, I am on the look out for a new client to replace The Light Factory Gallery if you work in the arts, culture or lifestyle industries and need a freelance marketing consultant/copywriter who also dabbles in presenting and styling (or know someone who does).  I am also open to collaborating with local creative people if you ever need someone like me to work with you on joint projects/pitches where we both may benefit by offering our services/products as a duo or collective - I always think two heads are better than one!

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