Thursday, November 13, 2014

Local Profile - Gabby White

Well Christmas is coming and the lovely Gabby has opened her store just in time for the rush with future plans to sell online as well.  I've already bought a number of gifts from Romulus and the Gypsy and I'm thrilled that a store like hers has opened in the local area.  I also love that Gabby loves colour, as I do, and her beautiful shop is a wonderful reflection of her own personal style and eclectic taste.  You must go in!  Read on for more about Gabby...
Name: Gabby White
Occupation: Owner of Romulus and the Gypsy
Lives/Works: I have lived in Fairfield for 15 years and opened the shop in Ivanhoe in mid August.
Describe what you do:
I recently opened a shop in Ivanhoe called Romulus and the Gypsy which houses an eclectic mix of homewares, jewellery and accessories from all corners of the world.  I source products from local designers as well as from remote places such as villages in Africa and Asia. I like to stock fair trade products where possible and have some fabulous and really unusual products like paper mache bowls from Swaziland, seagrass baskets from Vietnam and felted fairy houses from Nepal.

I previously worked in an office job and last year completed a Diploma of Interior Design and then took the plunge to open the store.  I love to travel and I seem to have a knack of finding unusual objects. I really enjoy experimenting with mixing an exotic palette of colours, patterns, textures and origins to create a really individual look.

Best thing about working and living in Melbourne's north east:
The best thing about working and living in Melbourne's north east is that there is a bit of a funky vibe and a lot of cool cafes and markets.  It's been great that by living and working on the same side of town there is such a strong community feel and many friends and people I know wander into the shop even just to say hi.  It's really nice how over the years you continue to cross paths with so many of the same families from kinder, primary school and the kids sport.

For more information:
Ph: 9497 4544

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