Monday, November 10, 2014


While I was out and about last week, I did buy some gifts at both Andrews Books and Romulus and the Gypsy in Ivanhoe.  I have started buying Christmas presents as it seems to sneak up on you every year and I am still celebrating birthdays in my household.
Image via Pan MacMillan website
I managed to finish reading the epic novel Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts this year and so picked up another book by social researcher Hugh Mackay 'The Art of Belonging' after reading his previous bestseller 'The Good Life'.  The Art of Belonging's premise is that it's not where you live but how you live, and that we can only reach our potential when we engage with our communities in the local neighbourhood, at work, and even online.  He also argues that a good community is one that sustains and nurtures the many, not just the fortunate few and it's definitely been interesting reading so far.
Teapot set at Romulus and the Gypsy
I fell in love with this teapot set at Romulus and the Gypsy and Gabby, the owner, has quite the eye for beautiful and exotic things.  You'll be hearing more about her on my blog later this week.

I also wanted to mention that Papa Bear cafe in Eltham got a mention in last week's Age Good Food section.  I've not yet been there but it's now on my radar!

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