Thursday, October 30, 2014

Witching Hour

I've had a sombre start to this Halloween week with a death in my family.  There's nothing like death to make you appreciate life, those you love and what you love to do.  Although having said that, I've cancelled all commitments for the next week while I just concentrate on being for a little while instead of doing including missing out on completing my Visitor Services volunteer training at Heide Museum of Modern Art.  Yes - I have been accepted into their 2 year volunteer program so you will see me there next year once I complete my training.
On a much brighter note, life goes on and my boys are super excited about Halloween which is big in our street.  We've even done a Halloween-themed birthday party one year for son number two, which was huge with me baking a 'Gary the Ghost' cake and playing pin the tail on the black cat!  We ended up stopping in at Blokker in Beetham Parade, Rosanna last weekend to buy new Halloween costumes for this year and I've got a bucketful of lollies which I'll be doling out to all and sundry tomorrow night.
I have also bought my Spring herbs from Bulleen Art & Garden, which is currently undergoing renovations but still as busy as ever.  There's also nothing quite as life affirming as being amongst living things outside in nature although the snails have already attacked the sage!  My friend Jasmine recommended using a cut out plastic soft drink bottle to completely surround the seedlings instead of snail bait which is a good idea.  Either that, or you're forced to plant your herbs in pots and containers only.  Speaking of which, Heide head gardener Dugald Noyes will be taking a free garden workshop on Potted Plant Culture on Thursday 13 November from 11am - 12.30pm - assemble at the Heide III Information Desk.  BYO sunscreen and water.
The Carlton Farmers Market is on tomorrow from 8am - 1 pm if you're not going to any Spring Racing Carnival events.  If you're taking any of the days off next week to go to the races - have a great time!

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