Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Feel good, look good

I've been re-reading 'Light on Life' by Mr BKS Iyengar since he passed away a few months ago and also just returned to regular yoga practice.  I've long believed that the mind and body are intertwined (the word 'yoga' actually means 'union' in Sanskrit) and if you are physically strong, there are mental benefits which occur as a natural consequence.  I also think if you feel good about your body and yourself, then you 'look' good to others as well rather than the other way around - confidence comes from within and extends outwards.  I had friends who ran in the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday and have also been inspired by them - a fun run of some kind is still on my to do list!
Image via Red Shoes Network
With that in mind (excuse the pun), I just wanted to mention a couple of local events happening tomorrow.  The Red Shoes Network is holding an event dedicated to Health and Wellbeing tomorrow night at the Old Shire Offices in Heidelberg.  The guest speaker is Judy Paynter - a journalist, businesswoman, mother, grandmother and breast cancer survivor.  There'll also be a series of rotating health and wellbeing experiences by locals such as personal trainer Nikki Ellis and podiatrist Thien Trinh who I recently met while buying a pair of super cool Frankie 4 sneakers at his shoe shop and podiatry practice Stepwell in Station Road, Rosanna.
Image via www.banyule.vic.gov.au
For the cyclists out there, there's also a free Sustainable Community Ride to Work Day breakfast from 7 - 9am at Malahang Reserve in Heidelberg West tomorrow morning.  This event has been supported by local organisations including Transition 3081, The Salt Foundation, Murundaka Cohousing Community and VicHealth Walk to School.

There are lots of other things happening in Melbourne this week and I'll be back tomorrow with more.

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