Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Greatest Show on Earth

I have a thing for circuses - I think they appeal to both the child and gypsy in me - I have a similar one for carnivals, probably for the same reasons.  While I'm on the topic, I did want to mention that Little Devils Circus in Box Hill is now taking both term 4 and school holiday program bookings.  We actually celebrated son number one's birthday party there a couple of years ago and the boys had a fantastic time!
There's also a community arts organisation called Westside Circus which supports youth at risk and who were involved with an innovative Banyule Council workshop program held earlier this year in West Heidelberg for girls aged 11 - 14 teaching them circus skills.
If you're ever after circus performers for a party or event then I also have to mention my friend Nik's brother Matthew Hills who runs Urban Cirque.  I've seen his performers in action and they're pretty amazing as you would expect from something spectacular!
And finally, while I'm talking about performance, interesting to see that Viewbank College is looking to build its own Music/Drama facility on-site at its Viewbank campus in the future, which would allow the possibility for Banyule Council the opportunity to purchase the Banyule Theatre Complex in Heidelberg if there was enough community support.  This would be a win for the arts community here who have been crying out for a multi-purpose performing arts facility given the Heidelberg Theatre Company have a continual lease on the Heidelberg Theatre in Rosanna.  If you are interested in showing your support you can email Craig Langdon, Steven Biffra, Tom Melican or Mark DiPasquale or alternatively you can post The Mayor, Banyule Council, PO Box 51 Ivanhoe 3079.

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