Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Birds and The Butterflies

How beautiful is today?  I am loving the blue skies and feeling the sunshine on my skin.  And I'm not the only one, I went for a run yesterday through the Rosanna parklands and in my street, at my children's school and in my own backyard, the birds are all going a bit crazy!  It's so lovely to see and hear native birds squawking and screeching (although I'm not enjoying being swooped on!).  I love the naughty sulphur crested cockatoos who are often in my street and at the park yesterday were green lorikeets and a pair of kookaburras in the trees just near the bridge over to the park.
Our backyard friend - the spotted pardalote in our birch tree
We have a pair of birds who've built a nest in our backyard - at first we thought they were finches of some kind but on closer inspection, it turns out they are spotted pardalotes.  Mr Rosanna's had his camera out taking photos of them for son number one who is a nature lover.
Eltham Copper Butterfly (Paralucia pyrodiscus lucida) perched on Sweet Bursaria, Bursaria spinosa
Image: Andrea Canzano via Museum Victoria blog
Source: Andrea Canzano
Speaking of nature, I also wanted to mention that there is a festival being held this Sunday for the Eltham Copper Butterfly - yes a whole festival dedicated to this threatened species which can be found in Eltham.  Like rainbows, I also find butterflies a bit magical, which is why The Very Hungry Caterpillar may always be one of my favourite children's books.  Speaking of rainbows, it's also worth checking out Emily Floyd's Far Rainbow public art installation 'Abtract Labour' outside the front of Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen.  While Bunjil the Eagle near the Docklands has been my favourite piece of public art for a while now, Emily's work is now a contender for the title!

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