Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Old fashioned glamour

I am loving the blue sunny skies and warmer weather this week.  Mr Rosanna and I have actually spent the past few weekends making trips to both The Greenery in Heidelberg and Bulleen Art & Garden nurseries as we try to resurrect our garden.  We've bought a number of native Australian plants to try and attract more native birds to our house and I have to say the landscape designer in me has been having fun trying to match colours and work out what goes with what.  We also need to spruce up our deck so will be visiting Ellis Outdoor Living in Balwyn when we get a chance to go.
Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy image via Wikipedia
There are a number of events on this weekend, not withstanding the AFL Grand Final, and I'll be back later this week to let you know about local happenings as well as another new local profile to be featured.

Meanwhile, I did catch some of the the Brownlow Medal Red Carpet special on TV last night and I have to say the standard of dress has really improved from past years.  I think it will always be more about glamour than style but I think I was probably still refining my look well into my early 30s so who am I to judge?  The highlights for me, probably not surprisingly given I'm a 'more can sometimes be more' girl when it comes to covering up, were Alex Davis in a beautiful blue gown by Julie Simonelli and Nicole Petrie in Helen Manuell.  I also thought Michele Trewartha in her gold dress and Lauren Tscharke in her white and pale pink dress both looked lovely and for something completely different, I actually didn't mind Jesinta Campbell's grey one-sleeved Steven Khalil dress.  You can view some of the dresses on the Mamamia blog.  Not surprisingly, many of the Brownlow Medal fashion designers specialise in wedding gowns.  For me, I wore a vintage-inspired Marianna Hardwick dress when I got married while my best friend Jules wore a beautiful Art Deco 1930s-style dress by Gwendolynne, perhaps something to keep in mind as the season of weddings and spring racing is about to begin.

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