Friday, September 5, 2014

A Father's Day

I have to say that Mr Rosanna is incredibly hard to buy for as he's very particular about what he wears (so clothes are out) and how things fit.  So come birthdays, Christmas and Father's Day, I usually have to be pretty inventive and given how I dislike consumerism for the sake of it, I tend to buy a lot of gift vouchers for experiences to be had or something vintage.
With that in mind, I did want to share what I actually bought Mr R for Christmas last year (above) - it was a vintage printers tray (to display his knick knacks in his music studio), a vintage pewter hip flask given he's a whiskey drinker, The Mr Porter Paperback - The Manual for a Stylish Life, as well as a voucher for a haircut at Captains of Industry Gentlemen's Outfitter in the city - a cafe, barber shop, bespoke tailor and shoe store all in one.

It's even more difficult buying for my dad and his - Mr R and I have bought music concert tickets in the past for both our fathers to see people like Norah Jones and Cat Stevens but often when you get to that stage in life, you've already got everything you could ever want or need.

Do you agree?  Are the men in your life hard to buy for?  Wishing you a Happy Father's Day for Sunday - I'll be back next week!

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