Tuesday, August 5, 2014

North South East West

Young Melbourne Artists from and toward every direction will be showing at The Light Factory Gallery's group exhibition opening on Thursday 7 August and running until Sunday 31 August.  Curated by Francesca Carey, North South East West will showcase the work of an eclectic mix of young artists from all over Melbourne highlighting a diverse and supremely talented selection of Melbourne's art world including a number of local artists Carla Milentis, Caitlin Cummane and Emma Collard.  Other exhibiting artists include Alex Jennings, Kari McInney-McRade, Harvey Hayes, Charlie Harding, Oli Bradley, Helen Pape and Alana & Annabelle Kingston who work in a range of mediums from painting to sculpture, photography to ceramics and many more.  There will be one more series of exhibitions at the gallery in September before it closes in October.
Acrylic on Canvas by Alex Jennings, North South East West exhibition
Speaking of local artists, I had my first Banyule Arts and Culture Advisory Committee meeting last week and found out future plans for the area, one of which includes Pinpoint - Banyule's creative map  - an online portfolio and hub for Banyule's artistic community.  If you're wanting to showcase your work and connect with other local creative people, then we'd like to know about you.  I've been charged with finding 10 artists from this area so if you'd like to put your hand up, you'll need to complete an online submission form (don't forget to mention Miss Rosanna sent you!).  For more information about the project, please phone Caitlin Armstrong, Arts Officer on 9457 9913 or email caitlin.armstrong@banyule.vic.gov.au  Interestingly I think a lot of young and emerging artists are coming from Heidelberg Heights but irrespective of whether you're an emerging, mid career or established artist living or working in any part of Banyule (or have strong connections to this area), then please put yourself forward!
Pinpoint image via Banyule City Council
It's been busy in Banyule, there is also an open evening being held next Tuesday 12 August from 6 - 7 pm at Banyule digiDECL - a new coworking space (located at 31 - 37 The Mall in Heidelberg West) ideal for start-up businesses, freelancers, micro businesses and other professionals who would otherwise work from home.  If you're interested in finding out more and talking to management abut the facility, memberships are filling out quickly, so I'd also encourage you to go along.  The area will only change as new people with new ways of doing things come to Heidelberg West - a suburb that's long needed some love and attention.

Finally, the Melbourne Art Fair is being held from 13 - 17 August next week at the Royal Exhibition  Building and is one of Australasia's leading contemporary art events showcasing work from some of the region's top galleries.  Tickets are on sale now.

Nb. Miss Rosanna is The Light Factory Gallery's freelance PR consultant

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