Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Architecture of Audio

This is actually the name of my clever little sister Cat's side project with her friend Dave Lillie if you want to check out her cool tunes featuring Bespoke Beats, Soundscapes and Electronica on her Architecture of Audio website.  She may well end up being the doctor in our family given she's just handed in her Masters thesis on Asian Cinema - she's also previously completed sound technology at RMIT and is a self-taught musician like my dad (who reminds me of Sixto Rodriguez featured in the recent documentary Searching for Sugar Man named after one of Rodriguez's songs - he also has three daughters!).
Image via Hessian Magazine
Speaking of cool projects, I'm also friends with Siggi McCarthy the Editor of the soon to be launched sustainable fashion Hessian Magazine.  It's fantastic to see creative projects like this coming to fruition with the help of crowd funding sites like Pozible and Kickstarter.
Image via Print Together
Spring is on our doorstep and the trees have already started blooming.  I hope you are managing to get outside and feel the sun on your skin!

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