Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Like factor

Is it important to be liked?  I think so and have said so from a business perspective in The Age small business online article which appeared yesterday - I was interviewed for this a while ago by Melbourne freelance writer Kate Jones.  You can't always be liked for the hard decisions you make, particularly as a leader, but I think overall you can be liked as a person both at work and at home and for me, it has become one of the most important decisions now when contemplating potential clients, work colleagues and friends.  If it feels too hard, then it generally is and you're better off seeking out people for whom you feel more of a natural affinity.  And long before the Like button appeared on Facebook, there was this actual book written by Dale Carnegie in the 1930s (and which I've actually read although it was a long time ago now!).
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I feel extremely fortunate to have reached a point in my life where I am able to choose who I work with, and for, given the fairly extensive network I have developed over the years and I have to say, increasingly, it becomes about who you know not what you know.  Most of the work that comes my way is through my own network and people directly approaching me or me directly approaching them - what they call the hidden job market.

How I look and present has also got me in the front door for a number of jobs (and is where personal branding becomes really important) but the proof is always in the pudding - you must have the talent and skills to actually do the job that's on offer.  I also think being liked, being able to relate well to other team members, having a genuine interest in people outside of their jobs and socialising with people outside of work is just as important as the work you do inside the office.  Really, a no brainer!

Needless to say, there are many people from both my past and current work environments who I have become friends with beyond our jobs.  It hasn't always happened and I have worked in unhappy work environments with people I've chosen not to remain in touch with as well but by and large, the places I've worked the longest in, and felt the greatest happiness, have been with people I've liked as people including my current clients.  Do you agree?


  1. Great post Miss R, I think most of us feel the same way, it is good to know that you have people you like and that people like you. Something I think we really want, deep down.

  2. Absolutely and I know you know that - I think I've just been surprised (more so in the past than now) at people who just don't get it. I think connection is a fundamental human need and being liked is part of that. But as I've said to you, I just look at the flow of energy now and I go go where it goes, naturally - it's brought us together :-) and for that I'm glad!