Friday, June 6, 2014

Local Profile - Estelle Michaelides

There are a number of people in my life who I would call 'pure fashion' and Estelle Michaelides is one of these - someone who absolutely loves the world of fashion and has only ever worked in the industry.  When I met Estelle she confided in me that she would still be designing and making clothes even if she didn't have her lovely shop The Estelle Store in Ivanhoe.  And I also love that she is a local girl who has come full circle and returned to her roots.  Read on for more about Estelle.
Name: Estelle Michaelides
Occupation: Owner of The Estelle Store and designer of Micky in The Van
Works: 244 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe
How long have you worked here?: 8 months
Describe yourself:
I live for my love of art and fashion.  I'm on a personal quest to show women how wonderful and liberating it is to celebrate their unique colours of personality through the clothes they wear.  My store is filled with Australian-designed apparel and jewellery, each one carefully handpicked by me.  My store is my little sanctuary and I love welcoming and sharing my passions with my customers.
Although I focused on millinery for almost fifteen years, I returned to my roots of fashion design two years ago, where I created Micky in The Van.  My label is inspired by storytelling.  Each piece is open to interpretation so it allows the wearer to express their own unique sense of style.  I honour women, showcase the female form and celebrate the grace of a woman.

Best things about working in the north east: 
Although I only opened my store 8 months ago, I was a student at Ivanhoe Girls' (Grammar) therefore it feels as though I've returned home.  'Home' is the best way to describe this magical part of Melbourne.  My customers have become my friends and want to see me prosper.  They take a genuine and keen interest in what I do and support my business as though I was a family member.

Contact Details 
Instagram- theestelle
For Micky In The Van;
Instagram- mickyinthevan

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