Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Letting go

My first ever yoga teacher was Eugenie Knox - one of Alistair Knox's children from his first marriage - although I didn't find that out until I'd moved here.  I remember one of the words she used to say in class being 'surrender' and it's still one of my favourites - the whole concept of surrendering to our current situation and accepting where we are whether we like it or not.  As a Cancerian, it's still one of my greatest challenges in life (we're good at holding onto things!), letting go of expectations and living in the present.  I've never been good with ambiguity, which is where I find myself at the moment with things still being a little up in the air (more on that to come).
Painting by James Haramis, Letting Go exhibition
Anyway, it is a great name for an exhibition and it's the name Greensborough-based tonalist painter James Haramis has given his latest show at The Light Factory Gallery in Eltham, which opens tomorrow.  I was in the gallery today looking at his works being installed and his paintings are simply sublime.  He has also been on a journey from his first solo show Contemplation held three years ago at the gallery until now.
Honeyeater print by Kate Hudson, Birdlife exhibition
Joining James will be Nillumbik printmaker Kate Hudson whose black and white as well as colour prints of Australian flora and fauna are also particular favourites of mine - they are a little Oriental-inspired and do remind me of Australian war-time artist Margaret Preston.  Her show is titled 'Birdlife' and there are some beautiful series of prints on offer.  Her work is also available from Australian accessories company Catherine Manuell Designs.  Both shows will run until Sunday 6 July with official opening drinks with the artists being held this Sunday from 2 - 4 pm.  Entry is free.

I'm really thrilled to also announce the gallery has been sold.  I can't say much more than that at the moment as the new owners are yet to reveal their full plans but the gallery will be open until the end of October with another six artists to exhibit at the gallery between now and the end of September.  Stay tuned!

Nb. Miss Rosanna is The Light Factory Gallery's freelance PR consultant

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