Monday, June 23, 2014

La vida local

I realised last night that Mr Rosanna and I had been out a lot this weekend but all within the local area.  And it's also something I neglected to mention in my Red Shoes talk last week about blogging   - that blogs create a virtual community, but the interesting thing for me is that my blog also reflects my real life community - the things I get up to and do with my own family and friends, which I hope you also get to do with yours.
Image via The Old England Hotel
Instead of our usual Friday night takeaway, we took the boys to The Old England Hotel in Heidelberg which, not surprisingly, was pretty busy on a Friday night.  I hadn't been there since the new bar went in but the food was great.  I had the Vietnamese prawn and calamari dish and it was banging hot with heaps of chili!  Meanwhile, Mr Rosanna had his usual steak but was eyeing off the next table's lamb tagine dish and the kids had their standard fish and chips.  We also bumped into some old kinder friends having an early meal with their children.  Apparently, the OE is the place to go to watch Friday night football although we didn't stay long enough to find out.
Image via Wendy's Music
On Saturday, we had a Wendy's Music concert to go to at Arden Crescent Uniting Church in Rosanna (which also holds an annual concert series of classical music) followed by our own Winter Solstice party in our backyard complete with outdoor fire, the music pumping and three different lots of neighbours in our street all joining us to toast marshmallows and have some drinks.  It was fun!  We might make it an annual tradition and invite more people next year given our street now has an annual Halloween celebration and Christmas street party.
Image via Struck and Spink blog
Finally we had our nephew's birthday party at WaterMarc in Greensborough yesterday afternoon and the boys got to go on their first water slide.  While it is a state of the art venue, it's not been without its controversy the past 12 months and I will say, keep an eye on your kids at all times if you're not physically in the water with them.  My sister-in-law had inadvertently timed yesterday's birthday celebration with a free open day at Watermarc so half of Greensborough and beyond were at the pool!

I'll be back later this week as there's a new exhibition opening at Hatch Contemporary Arts Space and I've also put my hand up to stay on as a member of the Banyule Arts and Culture Advisory Committee.

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