Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blogging and Branding

When I first started this blog, I was completely anonymous.  I created Miss Rosanna at a time when I was at home with a baby and a toddler having moved from inner city to suburbia and was desperately seeking some inspiration, and in the absence of finding anything locally, I decided to do my own thing knowing I had the skills to do so.
Image by Leanne Cole - Fine Art Photographer
It wasn't until I landed my first client The Light Factory Gallery (after the Director Margot Tasca started reading my blog and asked me to work for her), that the penny dropped and I thought that I should perhaps put up some contact details and use Miss Rosanna as a bit of a showcase for my PR background and experience.  Cut to three and a half years later and I realise now with the rise of social media that Miss Rosanna has indeed become an integral part of my personal (and professional) brand and in fact, some people I've met know me first as Miss Rosanna and secondly as Christina Lew.  Miss Rosanna has become my alter ego - the bigger, braver and more public version of myself.

What I hope my blog has done, as was always the intention, is to promote a sense of connection - connection to people, places and things to see and do around here, connection to the local community and also a connection to, and with me, because that's what I think my 'brand' as a writer, marketer and human being is all about - connection.

I also think blogging in particular allows me to communicate in my own style and voice and people get a a sense of who I am and my personality or at least, I hope this is the case with people who know me both online and offline!  So with some shameless self promotion, I did want to mention that I will be talking on both blogging and branding at this month's Red Shoes women's networking event Getting Connected - Social Media and Branding being held on Wednesday 18 June from 6 pm in Greensborough.  If you are interested, please come along and see me - it would be great to meet some of you in person and I will be one of three speakers talking about social media, along with Melissa Norfolk and Rosie Shilo.

I will be back later this week with more on local happenings and a new local profile.  Stay warm now that it's officially winter!


  1. All registered Miss Rosanna, will see you there.

  2. Thanks so much for your support Leanne - although being the blogger extraordinaire I'm not sure if my presentation is going to be too basic/obvious for you - think the other speakers will make it worth your while. Love from Miss Rosanna

  3. Hope the networking event goes well Christina.... Steve.

  4. Many thanks Steve - will let you know how it goes - realised a few blokes may miss out :-)