Monday, June 30, 2014

A Wicked Weekend

I am recovering today not just from the end of term but also a big weekend for me having gone out both Friday and Saturday nights, which wasn't planned.  I got a last minute invitation last week to see Wicked the musical with my friends Kallista and Lauren and so found myself at the Regent Theatre on Friday night, which is a beautiful venue.  It's been a long time since I've seen a musical but I'm really glad I went as Wicked was a bit of a surprise - a story about sisterhood, a love triangle, a romance, the blurred lines between 'good' and 'evil', and ultimately about the power of friendship.  It was also surprisingly funny.  Lucy Durack as Glinda the good witch was a scream and Jemma Rix as Elphaba was a standout with a voice as strong and clear as a bell.  It was well worth seeing and all set to live music with the orchestra at the front.  The girls and I also went to Brunetti around the corner for hot drinks and pastries after the show given we'd not quite made it to Bistrot d'Orsay across the road beforehand for drinks or dinner.
Kallista, Lauren and me at the Regent Theatre
As an early birthday present, Mr Rosanna took me to Shoya in the city for dinner on Saturday night.  While we've been to old favourites Yamato (the original restaurant) and Kuni's numerous times for Japanese, we thought we'd try somewhere different and Gingerboy (another place we've never been to) was booked out.  After a shaky start (they'd lost our dinner booking), they managed to find us a table and it was lovely - a more sophisticated setting with jazz music playing in the background which put us in the mood to then go and see Renee Geyer perform at Bennett's Lane jazz club - a Melbourne institution which I've been wanting to visit for ages.  The food at Shoya was great although pricey and the serves weren't huge being Japanese - we only just made it in time for the show as we waited an hour for our meals to arrive.
Bennett's Lane from the street
Luckily, we literally walked in the door to Bennett's Lane and just managed to find a stool at the bar before Ms Geyer came out and strutted her stuff.  And while she doesn't quite have the vocal range she used to have, she's still an amazing performer and entertainer with great musicality starting her show off with 'The Thrill Has Gone'.  I particularly loved her jazz rendition of 'Fly Me To The Moon' and other standouts for me were 'Difficult Woman' penned for her by Paul Kelly himself and a very funky Stevie Wonder sounding 'Shakey Ground'.  She also performed all her hits and the thing I like about her is that she's a bit of an all rounder moving from jazz to soul to pop to reggae, as well as being another somewhat naughty older lady who still has an edge.  I had a great time!

And it was fantastic to see Melbourne absolutely buzzing on both nights with people like us out in the street going to clubs, bars, restaurants and gigs.  Mr R and I had a bit of a giggle on leaving the city - we went from feeling younger at the Renee Geyer gig to feeling older as we entered the car park heading home to see hordes of fresh faced twenty-somethings wearing not much at all starting their big night out.

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