Friday, June 13, 2014

A picture tells

I've always been a words girl so can only admire people who have a natural talent for photography and the visual arts.  I love a good photo and we have a number of framed shots taken by professional people on display around our house.  Which brings me to today's post on local photographer Leanne Cole who has taken my profile photos and has actually started 'Social Snappers' - social photography excursions primarily aimed at women (men are also welcome) who want to learn more about photography and take photographs on location in a more social setting with other women.  I think it's a great idea if you're interested in learning how to take better shots but would prefer to do it in a more casual and relaxed setting with a group of people who share similar photography interests.
Crown Casino image by Leanne Cole
You can find out more about Social Snappers here and more about Leanne Cole Fine Art Photography here.  Not long now until the Winter Solstice next Saturday.  Have a great weekend people!

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