Thursday, May 1, 2014

Run and Become

I pay more attention these days to people's actions rather than their words and I am guilty of being all talk at the moment when it comes to running.  While it's still a goal of mine to do a fun run of some kind this year, I've not been doing any training and really, you need to be running at least three times a week to get yourself in the mode.  I've got some ridiculously fit friends who regularly run and many of them get up early and go before work.  Unfortunately the night owl writer in me thinks this will never be the case with me!

Speaking of exercise,  I did get my postural results from Nikki Ellis a little while ago.  While my front on pic was normal, my side on pic revealed some curvature and the fact that I would benefit from personal training to correct.  It is eye opening getting older and realising you need to incorporate some kind of strength training into your lifestyle.
Image via Westerfolds Parkrun Facebook page
I did want to mention a couple of runs and races that some of my more motivated, dedicated and disciplined friends do.  If you're a recreational runner like me, then the Westerfolds Parkrun in Templestowe is held at 8am every Saturday - it's a weekly, free 5km timed run staffed by volunteers and if you can get yourself there on a weekend, it sounds like a great community event.  Runners meet up afterwards for a post-run coffee in the Manor House cafe.  I'd love to get to one, one day this year!
Image via Sri Chinmoy Races Australia website
My hairdresser Vicky Woodman has also told me about the Sri Chinmoy races which are a lot cheaper than many of the larger races held in Melbourne, and even better still, you get fed pancakes afterwards as breakfast is included!  And you don't have to be a Hindu to compete in these - Sri Chinmoy was a very interesting person if you don't know anything about him.  One of the things he did as an athlete was founding the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in 1977 as a service to the running community to promote self-transcendence through sports.

There is a meditative aspect to running, where you lose yourself in the rhythm of it, where all you are aware of is placing one foot in front of the other and stilling the mind.  I do love his quote about running which elevates it to a more spiritual plane.
"Run and Become.
Become and Run.
Run to Succeed in the Outer World,
Become to Proceed in the Inner World."

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