Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happily ever after

Mr Rosanna and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this week.  And while it wasn't quite Paris, we did end up celebrating our milestone at Bistro Vue in the city, which at least made me feel like we were there!  It's housed in the Normanby Chambers in Little Collins Street (where the original Vue de Monde was and where I did eat when it first opened before it moved to the Rialto) behind the original Cafe Vue in the city and does feel very French with its vintage posters, French music, real fresh flowers, wine displays and French-style tables, crockery and cutlery.  Shannon Bennett has branched into his own line of crockery (which I experienced at a French-style patisserie in Hawthorn for Mother's Day with my mum) so is very much the global entrepreneur these days.
I think much is made of getting married in most societies including ours and while a wedding celebration is definitely the biggest party you'll ever hold in your life, as with birth, the focus seems to be on reaching the event itself and not what comes afterwards.  Getting married and having children, if that's what you want or are lucky enough to have, are journeys in life that go through many ups and downs and I think where the hard yards really come into play and where your character as an individual and as a couple is greatly tested.  My own parents' marriage did not make it due to a number of different reasons so I think the fact that our relationship has survived, and thrived (even with kids!), after 10 years is something to be celebrated.
Mr R and I stopped in for a coffee at Pellegrini's cafe before lunch where we did indeed first meet many years ago and where we had some of our wedding photos taken when we got married.  We then walked down Bourke Street to Bistro Vue and had a fantastic meal (being served by a number of French waiting staff which made it feel all the more Parisienne) - a dozen mixed oysters along with two entrees (the crab and the duck egg with kale) plus mains of poached salmon and beef cheek.  Given we don't usually eat that much for lunch, we could have dropped one of the entrees as when it came to dessert, we could only manage some petit fours with coffee and tea!  We also loved the special little touches like the personalised message on a plate at the end.  It was a day to remember and 2014 is also shaping up as a year to be remembered.

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