Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The medium is the message

It's a great name for an exhibition and this one opens tonight at LUMA - La Trobe University Museum of Art in Bundoora and runs until 27 June.  It brings together the work of six contemporary artists - Amanda Marburg, Chris Bond, Eolo Paul Bottaro, Juan Ford, Sam Leach and Victoria Reichelt and has been curated by Michael Brennan - and reflects on the state and relevance of painting today through depictions of the medium itself via the individual artists' painting practices.  Who said painting was dead?
Chris Bond image via Darren Knight Gallery
I guess I'll always be more old school than new school when it comes to art and many other things - for me, nothing will ever replace the pleasure you get from looking at a a real life painting on the wall but hey, that's me.

I've once again been a bit snowed under with work and other things goings on in my life since coming back from my holiday but I have to say it was really great to have a break and just be for a little while - there's a lot to be said for stillness, reflection and contemplation when you have the chance to take some time out from your normal routine.  And even better still if you practise something like yoga or meditation and can incorporate this into your daily life.

I'll be back soon.

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