Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A blank canvas

Well I did mention there's been a fair bit of action taking place behind the scenes in both my personal and professional life, which definitely makes life interesting - I think the only constant thing in life is change and as I've got older, I've learned to roll with the punches and I think change can be a good thing as it allows you to reinvent yourself and start over.
One of the things I can share with you today is that sadly, my client The Light Factory Gallery in Eltham will be closing in August unless a buyer can be found.  You can read more about it on page 3 of this week's Diamond Valley Leader if you click here.  Founder and Director Margot Tasca is wanting to move on with her life and would love to pass the reins over to another passionate art lover who is happy to continue to run the space as an art gallery and teahouse.
For those of you who've not actually visited the gallery, please do so over the next few months to see the space for yourselves and support art in the Diamond Valley region.  The gallery is housed in one of Alistair Knox's few commercial buildings and while it's not a mud brick building, it did actually operate in the 1970s as a light factory with the family living behind in what is now the teahouse.  It is a beautiful space with amazing high clerestory windows which fill it with natural light even in the depths of winter.  Needless to say, I always feel a little bit inspired and at peace when I visit and have over the past three years, bought a number of pieces by different artists from the gallery.
I did attend the opening of the Yugen and Traveling light exhibitions on Sunday at which Montsalvat Arts Manager Jeannette Davison spoke and it was fantastic to see the work of both Jessie Pittard and Nerina Lascelles.  I fell in love with one of Nerina's paintings Royal Cranes (above) and if I had the money, this one would be hanging on my wall - the colours are actually lighter than they appear in my photo.

I hope to share more about some of the other interesting things I've been up to over the next few weeks.

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