Thursday, March 13, 2014

Over the rainbow

I've got a thing for rainbows.  I think they're a bit magical.  One of the most amazing things I've ever seen was a rainbow that went around as a full circle in the sky while I was on my honeymoon 10 years ago in Vietnam - romantic hey?  I love all the colours and can understand why they're also used as a symbol for diversity, inclusiveness, hope and yearning.  I've long loved the Steiner-inspired wooden rainbow and marble run toys for children which again use all the colours of the rainbow.
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Speaking of rainbows, Emily Floyd: Far Rainbow opens at Heide Museum of Modern Art this Saturday 15 March.  It takes its title from a Soviet science-fiction story set on the imaginary planet Rainbow and is inspired by utopian thinking and the legacies of radical modernism.  An interesting juxtaposition given what is happening in real life with Russia and the Ukraine at the moment.
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"The exhibition reflects Emily's interests in alternative educational theories, and broader concerns like feminism, community and social radicalism and their contribution to modernist art and its envisioning of future worlds," according to Curator Sue Cramer.

A highlight will be Abstract Labour (2014) - fourteen painted aluminium letter-shapes which spell out the work's title and designed to house books or coloured blocks for children to play with.  It's a new, permanent addition to Heide's sculpture park and is the first public sculpture commissioned by Heide in over seven years.

Also being held this Saturday is the Ivanhoe Makers Market while on Sunday, the third annual Home Harvest Feast 2014 - a celebration of home grown produce and local food - is being held over this coming weekend at Eltham High School.  Growers are invited to share a community meal created by trained cooks using home or community-grown produce - sounds delicious!

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