Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lucky finds

Son number two is home on Wednesdays at the moment so I took him to Miss Marie cafe in Rosanna for lunch today and was a little disappointed that the new Moroccan lamb burger special had been taken down this week!  Oh well.  It was still great and I have to say there must be a population boom on as the cafe was absolutely jam packed with mothers, babies and prams everywhere.
We ventured next door to the second hand shop and I just wanted to put out a little round up of op shops in the north east, which I go to.  Our friend Marsden from Muscle Shoals Second Hand Records reckons the CPS Op Shop Rosanna is the best op shop in Melbourne which is a big statement.  Mr Rosanna's cousin Tamsen reckons the Diamond Valley and St Andrews Anglican Op Shops in Macleod are pretty awesome for vintage clothing while I've picked up some cool things at Savers in Greensborough (go on Mondays when new stock hits the floor).  There's a new Savers store in Ringwood which apparently has even better clothes than Greensborough.
Given I work for The Light Factory Gallery in Eltham, I find myself always popping my head in next door at the Brougham Street Bazaar.   I did pick up a great retro desk lamp for Mr Rosanna's music studio the last time I was in there.  We also occasionally stop in at the Heidelberg Road Vintage Bazaar in Alphington which is chock full of different things from a variety of dealers.  And while I haven't been there, local blogger Trish Hunter has her vintage shop Hunter & Co. Vintage in Plenty Road, Preston.

As for me, today's lucky finds at the CPS Op Shop Rosanna were the vintage wooden Japanese Kokeshi doll for $2 and my Maneki-neko lucky cat for $1 - bargains (and now taking pride of place in various locations inside my house)!

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  1. I think I have to agree with your friend Marsden. The op shop next to Miss Marie's is certainly my favourite in Melbourne. I always come away with something!! Will be trying out those other local places too - thanks!