Thursday, February 13, 2014

Loving it

Ok.  So it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and you know what? Mr R and I don't celebrate it.  And neither do most of our partnered up friends.  We'd rather be romantic when the mood strikes us and given we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this year - this will be the day we do something special (I hope!).  I've always found it a bit naff to go to a restaurant on Valentine's Day and be absolutely crowded in by every other couple celebrating the day - it all feels a bit too manufactured and sheep-like for me.
Image via Greensborough Town Centre
But with romance in mind, you may like to head to Greensborough tomorrow from 3.30 - 11pm for the inaugural Greensborough Food and Film Festival being held outside WaterMarc.  If the weather stays as humid and balmy as today, it would make for a lovely evening spent outdoors and even better, they are showing Despicable Me 2 - I am still loving listening to Pharell Williams' song 'Happy' from the movie.  Speaking of outdoor films, Gnomeo and Juliet is screening at the Anthony Beale reserve in Greensborough on Saturday night as part of Banyule's Movies on the Move.  Lucky Greensborough residents!
Bowl: Interrupted 2013-2014, reclaimed crate timbers by Stephen Ziguras
I popped my head in to Hatch Contemporary Arts Space in Ivanhoe today to see the Create from a Crate exhibition and it's amazing to see how resourceful the participating artists are and how beautiful and creative they have been in terms of taking wooden crates that usually end up in landfill and transforming them into functional pieces and art forms.  While there was a lot of furniture including some beautiful lamps, tables and stools, I particularly liked some of the more inventive pieces such as the above bowl, outdoor herb garden, clock and harp and even a wooden pinball machine.  There is also a People's Choice Award and I voted for local artist Andrew Potocnik's Still life piece Pod X - more a work of art than something functional.
Image via Supergraph Facebook page
Also just a plug for a couple of other creative events on this weekend, the Ivanhoe Makers Market is on at the Livingstone Centre in Ivanhoe on Saturday and the first three day Supergraph: Contemporary Graphic Art Fair 2014 is being held from tomorrow at the Royal Exhibition Building which includes the work of local artist Rona Green.  I love the yellow!  I'll be back tomorrow with a local profile.


  1. Totally agree re Valentines Day- my hubby and I have an anniversary every month on our own special date.I just have never got the whole bragging about flowers etc when that's what ALL the sheep are doing! How is that special? I must get to the Makers Market been meaning to go for months. :)

  2. Lovely to hear from you Maree - are you the photographer in Heidelberg? So romantic that you have a monthly date night! I wish! And yes, I think it's way more special to celebrate a date that's personal/individual to you as a couple which for some people is Valentine's Day. Personally, I find it too generic and commercial which is why I prefer anniversaries and milestones specific to us. And yes, the Ivanhoe Makers Market is definitely worth a visit if you like all things local and handmade like me!