Thursday, February 20, 2014

All that jazz...

So I went to the first Red Shoes Network event of 2014 last night and it was interesting.  I'm actually reserving judgement until I go to the next event in April (on personal styling and your personal brand) as I was a bit tired and frazzled yesterday after entertaining son number 2 all day, taking son number 1 to a music lesson and then getting dinner and lunches done before I walked out the door without having dinner myself.  It's never fun going to an event on an empty stomach (and feeling a bit flat)  and not allowing yourself any transition time to move into a different role that most of us juggle.  I will say that the demographic was older than what I was expecting, more 50+ women although given the founders of the organisation are also in that bracket, it was understandable.  The presentation and format of last night's event were also different from the launch event held last year according to other women who had been to both events.  I think the highlight for me was meeting the very interesting Nikki Ellis (otherwise known as 'Cinchy') - who runs her own boutique personal training business based in Rosanna and who recognised me from this very blog.
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Anyway, a bit of a round up of weekend events for you.  The weather's turned a bit cold but Summer 
Sounds - Free Music in the Park at Macleod is on tomorrow night while on Saturday, besides White Night Melbourne, the Eltham Jazz, Food & Wine Festival starts.  If you're after a market, the Monty Farmers Market is also on tomorrow while on Sunday, my friend Rina Chia is holding a special Take 2 Market (vintage clothing pop up market) at the Dan O'Connell hotel which sounds like a good idea if it is a bit cold outside.

I'll be back next week!


  1. I met Nikki at a party last year as my friend Lauren works for her as a personal trainer. She's lovely. Hope you had a quiet restful day today! Thank you so much for the lovely morning tea yesterday. Always a pleasure to catch up.

  2. It was great to see you Emma and we'll have to do lunch in Ivanhoe without the kids next time. And yes, you'll be hearing more about the lovely Nikki! Besides boot camp which was definitely not restful, I have had a relatively quiet working day at home. Glad it's Friday tomorrow! Happy Days!