Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A sustainable future

With all the doom and gloom in the papers about car makers closing down and bush fires, it's reassuring to remember that the sun still rises each day and most of us will live long and happy lives.  I'm not sure what the future will bring for our country but I think we will reinvent ourselves as we compete in what is now a global economy and market - difficult situations can inspire ingenious solutions.  And I still think Australia is the lucky country in so many ways.
Image via Sustainable Macleod
With that in mind, the Sustainable Living Festival is currently on and as part of this Sustainable Macleod is holding The Great Big Swap Day this Saturday 15 February at Macleod Park opposite the Macleod Village Shops.  From 11am - 1 pm will be The Giant Vegie Swap where Macleod Vegie Swap and 8 other vegie swaps are combining to hold one big swap.  After lunch at the shops or picnic in the park, you're invited to participate in The Great Big Swap where you can swap your spare plants (please label) and cooking, gardening and sustainability books.  An auction of green services and items will be held at 3pm.  For details: www.sustainablemacleod.wordpress.com
Image via Heide
Talking about inspiration, while the second White Night Melbourne is being held on Saturday 22 February, closer to home Heide Museum of Modern Art will hold Art By Twilight: Future Primitive this Thursday night from 6 - 9pm for an evening of creativity, conversation and live music for all you art lovers out there.  Tickets are $25 (less for concession/members), bookings are essential.  Heide has also recently changed its membership if you are thinking of joining.  Finally, speaking of lovers, there are a few other events on this week, including Valentine's Day if you choose to celebrate it (or not) - more later this week.

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