Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm melting...

Is it hot enough for you?  I distinctly remember complaining about the lack of warm weather just a couple of weeks ago - Melbourne is so extreme and for anyone who doubts we are undergoing climate change, they only have to look at our weather history to know it's very real.  Last summer was the hottest summer on record here and we also had two of the hottest months ever.  It makes me glad to live in a community with lots of parkland and trees but also glad not to live too far out near bushland with the threat of fire.  I reckon there'd be record crowds also going to places like WaterMarc and Aquarena.
Image via WaterMarc website
I've spent the past week hunkering down indoors in the mornings trying to work in the heat with kids at home but I won't complain as we've had my in-laws to escape to in the afternoon who have a pool and a house with air-conditioning.  Apparently fan sales are up 1000 percent with beach towels and bathers also selling like hot cakes this week.  Mr Rosanna and I have tickets to the Australian Open next week so I'm glad the weather will be cooler all round for both the poor players and the spectators.  It still staggers me to see people (often tourists) baking themselves under our sun without tops, sunscreen or hats.  Our weather is fierce here people!
Image via Aquarena website
I've also spent most nights this week watering my garden and seeing most of my neighbours on the street as the weather has cooled down - it's the really lovely thing about local communities.  Mr Rosanna and I were out last night attending an information session - he is about to undergo a major career transition and we are both exploring our options this year including further study, travel and different kinds of job and career opportunities.  I also have a goal to do a fun run of some kind and have been trying to up the running while boot camp is closed over January - I'm still nowhere near as fit as I'd like to be but something is better than nothing - as my trainer says it's about consistency!

I hope you have been staying cool - I've got some new interesting local profiles to put up this year (including some blokes!) and there's always a lot happening locally - my children's primary school has almost tripled in size the past few years so there are a lot of new people moving to Banyule in particular and a population boom going on which has changed the mix of people in the area in a good way.  I'll be back next week - have a great weekend!

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  1. I am melting too! Our house is going to take a long time to cool down properly and most nights have been spent watering also. An exciting year or change and possibility for you too this year!