Monday, January 13, 2014

Catching a dream

Well a happy new year to you!  I hope you had (or are still having) a great break and enjoying the real summer that is now upon us.  While Mr Rosanna and I have once again had a staycation here in Melbourne, we've enjoyed the slower pace of life, the chance to catch up with lots of friends and family and do a few things around the house.  Both of us are now back at work but dreaming of our next which involves passports so stay tuned for further news...
Image via Harklo
While I didn't really buy anything aside from Christmas presents, this hand made dream catcher from Harklo caught my eye over the festive period - something beautiful but also a motif and inspiration this year for me - chasing dreams.  Son number two's kinder teachers gave all the kids mini dream catchers as their graduation presents which I thought was such a lovely sentiment (and locally, you can find some at Bulleen Art and Garden) but this is the year for me where both my children will finally be at school, in the one place at the one time, so it's a big milestone for me personally and for our family - lots of changes ahead.
Image via Houzz
Over the break and because of the better weather, Mr Rosanna and I were inspired to do some more home improvement and the houzz app is definitely worth checking out for ideas - we are dreaming of adding an indoor/outdoor bar from the kitchen out to our deck similar to the above but time, and money, will dictate whether we ever end up doing it.  In the meantime, it's nice to dream as it's way down the list of priorities! Sometimes I feel like all we do is throw money at our place and I'm sure I'm not the only one for those of you who are also homeowners, or aspiring to be.

With summer time in Melbourne, it's been great to get out and about in the sun when it finally appeared.  For families, it's always easy to catch a train to Flinders Street and venture across the road to Fed Square or Southgate - we did both one Friday afternoon with the kids.  The highlight for me was seeing Mr Rosanna get pulled into Fed Square's street performer's main act which was very funny- heh heh!  We also grabbed a bite to eat at the newly renovated (and now located on the 3rd level) Blue Train cafe at Southgate.  I loved the very romantic love locks on the bridge over the Yarra River which copy the love locks seen on two Paris bridges - Pont des Arts and Pont de L'Archeveche in France.
With my two best friends, we also took the chance to check out the relatively new Little Big Sugar Salt cafe in Victoria Street, Abbotsford last weekend.  That's right, in the heart of Little Saigon, and you wouldn't even know it was there right on the corner of Lithgow Street as of course, there's no sign outside.  The kitchen was manned by an all male staff line up at the front bar area the day we visited and there are two rooms behind - one with another communal bar table with stools and the other with three or four small tables and banquettes plus one shared toilet!  Yes, it was all very cosy and very Gen Y (there's a 'selfie station' in the toilet from which you can take photos of yourself in the mirror) but still a great place to go to for yummy food - the menu has just changed over and all the latest superfoods are on it - acai, quinoa etc.
A dodgy pic of me at The Luwow
Finally, Mr Rosanna and I had a date night out last Friday night at The Luwow in Fitzroy which has been there for a couple of years now.  Think kitsch tiki bar complete with live hula girl shows on Friday nights and go go dancers which accompany the bands in the band room on the right (the cocktail bar is on the left) and you might get the picture.  We were there to see our friend Craig's reggae/ska band Shantytown do their thing and we had a great night dancing along with a very mixed crowd of rockabillies, rude boys and girls and even a couple of skinheads - it was something really different.  There were a lot of women wearing animal print with eyeliner and big hair - it was great fun!  I also loved the Hawaiian girl swizzle sticks and obligatory paper parasols in their cocktails.

The heat is on this week so I hope you are staying cool - it's great to be back and I'm glad you're with me for the ride.  Perhaps we can all share some adventures together this year.  Here's to 2014!

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