Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Mr Rosanna and I went to the Australian Open last night to see the Federer vs Tsonga match.  I actually caught the train in to Flinders Street before meeting Mr R at the bar at Movida where we managed to grab a quick bite to eat and got the waitress behind the bar to choose our dishes for us.  Such a fantastic vibe in the city with the tennis on, and with so many people from all over the world here in town - it seemed fitting to eat Spanish food and then go and see a Swiss man play a French one.  There was a free tram shuttle service to the Tennis Centre which we took advantage of as the evening was quite cool and it gets windy.  I also grabbed a takeaway coffee once we entered the grounds before we took our seats along with 15,000 other people.  Given it was a long 45 minute wait to enter the Rod Laver arena, that ended up being a good idea.  We got our seats just as the sun started to set in the sky.
And while Tsonga in the end was outclassed and outplayed by the always cool, calm and collected Federer (he is like a Swiss watch - all precision), the off court antics of the crowd were just as entertaining as the on court gladiatorial display.  There were numerous and very vocal French people in the audience who intermittently called out, "Allez!" or "Allez Jo!" trying to give their fellow countryman some support.  They also had a sense of humour, singing their song versions of "Your serve is on fire" (Your sex is on fire) and "Hey Jo" (Hey Jude).
Particularly funny were some of the Australians in the crowd who also responded to "Allez!" with "Yoplait!", "How much do you want it, Jo?", "Dig deep!" and my personal favourite, "Show us your baguette Jo!".  Yes, seriously entertaining.  I love how the Aussies always favour the underdog but Federer deserved his win as the better player on the night to which he received a standing ovation.  It really is a great day, or night, out and Mr R and I were reflecting on what a great sporting city Melbourne is as we walked out of the Tennis Centre and past the MCG to Jolimont station on our way back home.  We are lucky to live here!

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