Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Afternoon delight

Greetings!  I hope you had a great long weekend celebrating all things Australian.  I think I spent most of mine eating at BBQs and watching the kids play on the slip and slide in the back yard so it doesn't really get any more 'Aussie' than that!
Jam and Cream cafe (interior)
In what's left of this week, I am trying to work as well as get children ready for school.  While shopping for school shoes (which I have previously posted about here) at Shu Way in Orr Street, Heidelberg Heights, I finally got to check out Jam & Cream cafe which is right next door and has been there for a while now.
Scones with Jam & Cream (geddit?!)
What a charming, little 50s oasis it is!  From the mint green retro bike and wooden photo booth out the front to the gorgeous sweet treats on display (and to buy) at the front counter to the pink caravan out the back (which can be booked for parties), it is a little girl's (and boys!) paradise - someone with a great imagination and sense of detail and whimsy has put a lot of love into the place.  We loved everything about it from the pink lemonade served in mini glass bottles with paper straws to the pinwheel sandwiches, mini sausage rolls and of course, the deliciously light and fluffy scones that are served with jam and cream.  I also loved the scrabble letters used as table decorations (I am a writer!), loose leaf tea and the floral chinaware and retro cutlery.
And the pink caravan out the back!
I spoke to Tara behind the counter who told me they'd only re-opened today and I was lucky to get a table without booking.  Tara must be a busy lady, as she also has kids and runs another Slovak/Eastern European restaurant in Collingwood.  I'm glad I finally got to visit (it is closed on Mondays) and I will return with friends.

I'll be back later this week - Chinese New Year is coming up and I will also have my very first local profile for the year up on Friday.


  1. I have wanted to go there for aaaaaaaages! Can I be one of the friends that you return there with?

  2. I would love you to be that friend :-) you out of all people are going to love it! Let me know if Frog and you want to go one Wednesday during Feb with Will and me or if we go sans kids another time. Cx