Monday, December 2, 2013

Three, two, one...

She's a warm one today!  I can't believe there's just over three weeks until Christmas although having ventured out yesterday morning to Westfield Doncaster, maybe I can.  It was a little crazy in the car park and I must admit, malls are not really my thing these days.  In fact, I find the over consumption of all things at Christmas time a bit overwhelming and as I get older and more discerning (or so I like to think), I have started to re-consider what, and how much, I buy.  It's probably the first year I've started to buy both new and old (vintage, second hand) as gifts for not only Mr Rosanna but my extended family as well.
Image via The Big Design Market
Speaking of shopping, I did want to mention that a number of local artisans and designers are now selling their wares at Made at Montsalvat - a truly lovely idea for Christmas.  And both the Big Design Market at the Royal Exhibition Building and the Fine Design Market in Manningham are also on this coming weekend.  I've had some recent dealings with Simon Obarzenek (a friend of a friend and also a talented fine art photographer in his own right) who runs the Big Design Market and they've got some great local designers on board in this, their second year.  I hope to pop my head in on Saturday if I get a chance.

Mr Rosanna and I have had a very celebratory weekend with family birthdays on and it's been nice to get out and about locally for a calming Japanese lunch at Momoco Sushi in Heidelberg as well as a more raucous dinner last night at Pacific Seafood BBQ House (a place my dad has previously taken me to) in Victoria Street, Richmond - a new experience for my two young boys - it's also cash only if you go and they don't do dessert or sweets of any kind.  More tomorrow!

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