Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The long wind down

I'm not sure about you but I have started winding down the past week or so.  I've still got a bit of work to finish off for the year but I can actually feel the difference physically in my body - a sort of long exhale of relief and surrender to the year that's been.  I hope it's been a good one for you - this more introspective Year of the Snake.  People close to me have suffered from setbacks, illnesses and disappointments of various kinds this year so I am hoping the Year of the Horse - a more fast-paced, galloping year- is kinder to them in 2014 and that they continue to be kind to themselves.
Image via Hugh Mackay website
I've started reading The Good Life by Hugh Mackay who asks the question: What Makes a Life Worth Living?  I'm not even half way through yet but it has been interesting reading - the whole notion of looking to achieve wholeness as a person (and therefore letting ourselves fully experience the light and dark in all our lives) rather than seeking happiness per se.  He believes the good life is defined by our capacity for selflessness, the quality of our relationships and our willingness to connect with others in a useful way rather than the sum of our security, wealth, status, postcode, career success or level of happiness.  It's an interesting premise and perhaps something to keep in mind when contemplating goals or resolutions for the New Year.

I'm feeling a lot better after completing 10 weeks of boot camp and taking Chinese herbs all of this term.  It's actually been the first school term this year I've not been sick despite a succession of late nights and being the busiest I've ever been so go figure.  Mr Rosanna attributes it to the exercise while I know my herbalist would say it's the Chinese medicine - irrespective of what it is, it's nice to end this year feeling a lot healthier, fitter and stronger than I have felt most of this year.

While I'm on a philosophical note, I also wanted to list the top 5 regrets people have about life when confronting death according to Australian palliative carer Bronnie Ware, which you may have previously read about, but as a refresher and something else to think about over Christmas, the New Year and beyond, here they are again:

I wish I'd had the chance to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me

I wish I didn't work so hard

I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings

I wish I'd stayed in touch with my friends

I wish that I had let myself be happier

I have to say they have made me reappraise my life and how I choose to live it.  How about you?

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