Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh Lord

I'm suffering from Monday-itis today after having had a big weekend...well, as big a weekend you can get with kids.  And I can finally reveal where I took Mr Rosanna for his belated birthday dinner - the latest hipster hot spot Saint Crispin in Smith Street, Collingwood - it's named after the Patron Saint of cobblers, tanners and leather workers - a statue of which sits over the entrance door as you leave.

And yes, it was pretty awesome so I did well in choosing somewhere new.  It's got great street presence - classy yet more informal than your average fine dining establishment.  Yes, they still have cloth napkins and change over cutlery between courses but there are no tablecloths and it's definitely a more relaxed attitude to dining.  It was pumping on Saturday night - lots of young and older bright things all dressed up and a few group tables adding to the mix.  The bar area is also a great place to sit and have a drink with friends.
Mr Rosanna looking pretty happy
Mr Rosanna and I loved it - was great to go somewhere that definitely felt happening and the later 8.15pm session meant they dimmed the lights and pumped up the music so it was pretty atmospheric. The food matched the ambience - we both went three courses (note that if you choose premium options as Mr Rosanna did - the individual dishes have additional costs to the standard $60 per head).  Mr Rosanna went the marron for entree and the wagyu beef for main (which was absolutely sublime if you're a carnivore).  I went for the spring salad and swordfish.  We shared the chocolate and mango/coconut dessert options along with espresso coffees.  A nice touch was the amuse bouche (complimentary appetisers and digestifs) at the start and end of our meal along with bread and butter.

My only criticism, which is a personal thing, was that is was really loud.  At one stage, Mr Rosanna and I were yelling at each other across the table competing with the music, the sound of the open kitchen and staff as well as a number of very merry diners laughing their heads off.

Oooh yeah...was a fun night but I am feeling the effects of having gone out Friday night, Saturday night as well as yesterday afternoon to our neighbourhood street party which crept into evening.  The festivities have begun!  Hope you had a great weekend.

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