Friday, December 13, 2013

Cool Yule

Have you finished (or started) your Christmas shopping yet?  I'm on the tail end of it all and feeling relatively under control - it's the two lots of Christmas and other extra-curricular concerts/events from having one child at school and one at kinder that are killing me!

I wanted to post on a few things today.  There are a number of markets on this weekend and next - the Sisters' Market at QV starts today and is a good one if you're in the city this weekend and next.  The Lonely Hunter (formerly Blackbird Market) Market is on tomorrow in Fitzroy and closer to home, the Ivanhoe Makers Market is being held next Saturday 21 December and is a good one for last minute gifts - I am hoping to drop into this one.  It's a shame it's not on this weekend as you can pick up some lovely things for teachers while school is still on.
Image via The Melbourne Shop
For the more parochial like me (and if you have have overseas or interstate friends), I love some of the tres cool goodies that are available from The Melbourne Shop by Lumbi and Make Me Iconic.  If I'm ever going overseas again in the near future, I'd be taking some things from these shops as presents and cool souvenirs - something a bit different from a stuffed koala bear.
Image via Make Me Iconic
Locally, it all starts happening as well this weekend with Carols by Candlelight being held for the first time in Flintoff Street (opposite WaterMarc) in Greensborough tomorrow afternoon/evening (after being cancelled last year due to inclement weather), and the Boulevard Lights in Ivanhoe start tomorrow night and run until Christmas (although it doesn't get dark until 9pm when you can really see the lights in all their glory).
I've still been celebrating with friends and went out with the school mums to Bomba Restaurant in Burgundy Street Heidelberg (not to be confused with Bomba in the city which is a different restaurant).  It's Italian and they do a special shared plate menu for groups of more than 8 people and had very generous serves as well as also catering for special dietary requirements (i.e. gluten and fructose-free) - I also assumed the Bomba they were referring to was Sophia Loren - photos of which feature on their wall.  The food was good aside from some of the meat being a little on the fatty side so it's a place I'd go back to again and maybe try a la carte.  Speaking of indulgences, my lovely client Margot Tasca from The Light Factory Gallery in Eltham dropped my Christmas present off to me yesterday - some handmade fine chocolates from Cacao which I look forward to eating over the festive period!  It's a good thing I've started running again....

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