Thursday, November 7, 2013

Then and Now

I had a pretty quiet Cup weekend which was actually really nice for a change as opposed to our usual mad running around for the kids and their extra curricular activities.  We managed to get our tomatoes and herbs in on time and braved the crowds at Bunnings in Preston - I think most people who weren't at the races or down at the beach were in their back yards!
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I also took my best friend Jules to see 'Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion' at the National Gallery of Victoria courtesy of my client Avant Card who'd given me a couple of free tickets.  Aaah!  I think I should have been born in a different era when the ladies were real ladies - and dressed in the most glamorous fashions of the day.  The exhibition is in two parts and a little dark given the age of the photographs and some of the Deco outfits which accompany the photographic show.  It was all very Miss Phryne Fisher with 1920s and 30s music playing in the background and the mid section showing black and white silent film of Steichen in action photographing his dancing models, movie stars, writers and directors.  I've included two images here which were my favourites - one showing an outfit by textile designer Sonia Delaunay and the other of the actress Gloria Swanson's face through a lace veil.  I loved it but then again I knew I would!  Jules and I grabbed a coffee at the gallery after we'd seen the exhibition and had a browse in the big gallery shop which now has a huge book section.
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Speaking of Art Deco, I love this property below called Riverdale in Greensborough that's currently for sale through Fletchers Real Estate.  Like Bukit Raja in Ivanhoe East, this one is pretty much in original condition and ripe for a seasoned renovator or builder to bring her up to all of her glory.
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Moving on from the past and my nostalgia, there is also an exciting exhibition coming up at the National Gallery of Victoria later this month called Melbourne Now celebrating the latest art, architecture, design, performance and cultural practice in Melbourne - one of the most creative and cultural cities of the world.  Entry is free and over 300 artists and projects are involved in this exciting event designed to bring modern art and design to the people of Melbourne.
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