Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dude food

Interesting to read about upmarket takeaway in today's Age Epicure.  Recommended in the north east are Greek at Hellenic Republic (Brunswick East) and a hop, skip and jump away from where I used to live, Paladarr Thai in Alphington and Huxtaburger in Collingwood for US style burgers.  I've booked a special dinner out for Mr Rosanna's upcoming birthday so will reveal more closer to the time.
Image via Lip Cafe website
Speaking of burgers, we had lunch a couple of weeks ago at Lip Cafe in Ivanhoe who offer takeaway burgers just on Friday nights so lucky locals who live near Waterdale Road.  As you can tell, there are no vegetarians in our household!
Image via Lip Cafe website
As for me, I've not been anywhere of particular note for a while but did have a belated birthday with my best friend Jules and our partners over the winter at Abla's - a place I've been meaning to go to for a while.  And while the food was good, I did go expecting it to be better than what it was.  I think maybe I've got spoilt  having eaten a lot of great middle eastern food over the years.  If you do go to Abla's (which is somewhat of a Melbourne institution), I actually recommend the vegetarian menu (set menus only on Saturday nights) over the meat menu and the dining area at the front downstairs is quite a lovely and intimate space if you're a couple or in a small group.
Jules & me at Abla's

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