Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Local knowledge

Given I've upped the exercise in an effort to get myself more fit and healthy, I've also had to go and buy some new runners.  I ended up buying a new pair of full price Asics Gel 2000 at The Athlete's Foot in Ivanhoe where we luckily also managed to pick up discounted Asics sneakers for the boys in the bargain box out the front on the right hand side as you walk through the door.  If you are an Asics shoe person, the best place to go is Leo Russell's Sports Store - an old style sports store at 24 Gilbert Road, Preston West, which is an a cute pocket of Preston near the corner of Miller Street and Gilbert Road.  If you go, it is cash only - I picked up some Gel Kayano 19's for Mr Rosanna for $195 when they usually retail for $250 - and they only stock Asics.  The man behind the counter told me the store's been running for 85 years!  Quite a feat in this day and changing age of retail.

Next to Leo Russell's Sports Store is the Love Hate retail outlet which sells homewares, clothing, hosiery and accessories - open from Wednesday - Saturday only.  Sadly closed today when I was there but they stock some gorgeous things - I have one of their necklaces which Mr Rosanna bought me for Mother's Day this year from the Heide store and you can also buy from their online store.  Dangerous stuff!
Me taking a quick & dirty shot today - Love Hate store
On a sadder note, the Italian deli 'A Slice of Europe' on Station Street in Rosanna closed a few months ago.  The strip has never had a lot of foot traffic and we were only semi-regulars but it is a loss for the suburb and its diversity.  Before they closed, I got the cards of a couple of other delis the owners recommended - Olympus Delicatessen at 72 Jackson Court in East Doncaster and Slavonija Deli C234 Preston Market, Murray Road in Preston.  I'm also lucky enough to have slow food cafe & grocery store Bien closer to me in Greville Road which has had some recent great write ups in The Age and The Weekly Review.

Finally, fashion blogger Lady Melbourne has also posted on The Estelle Store in Ivanhoe today so it's nice to see more local places being included in blogs that generally only centre around the inner city.  There is life in the 'burbs people!  Lots on this week - more tomorrow.

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