Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Having a rest

I don't often make social commentary on this blog given its focus is more arts and culture in the north-east but it's been interesting reading The Age today about David Jones CEO Paul Zahra stepping down from his role after 3 1/2 extremely intense years after taking over from Mark McInnes and citing his main reason as being 'tired' - one that I take at face value having made a similar decision over 10 years ago to leave my role as PR for David Jones in Victoria.  Retail, like hospitality, can be an unforgiving industry especially given you're on call during the evening and across weekends often working for not a huge amount of money unless you're at a very senior or head office level.  And while I loved the calibre of some of the brands and designers I worked for, I can't say I miss the days of putting on huge events at the Bourke Street store - I definitely think it is a younger person's game these days.
Image via David Jones website
Many politicians and business people often cite family and/or health reasons for stepping down from public life but I have to say I've found it refreshing, particularly from a male leader, to hear Zahra say that he's simply tired and just wants to have a rest and take some time out to travel with his partner.  We only have one life to lead and I applaud him for making the decision to walk away on his own terms.
David Jones book image via Helen O'Neill website

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