Thursday, October 17, 2013

A woman in business

I attended the 5th annual Banyule Women in Business lunch event today along with my friends Rina Chia from Take 2 Markets, interior designer Renae Barrass and fine art photographer Leanne Cole (who incidentally has taken my profile photograph for this very blog) as well as 250 other women.  I also ran into a couple of other local business women friends who I didn't know were attending.  It was great!  I think the calibre of speaker in Net-a-porter Co-founder Megan Quinn also had a lot to do with such a fantastic event.  She was extremely impressive and a consummate presenter - personal, funny, articulate, smart, a great conversationalist and obviously very talented.  While I have no doubt that luck and timing are success factors for many people like her in business, it also takes a certain type of person to be a global star like Megan and she's Australian to boot!
Megan Quinn at The Centre Ivanhoe along with two  of her 250 fans
What was interesting to me was that she left the company after 4 1/2 years working as the Creative Director and Head of HR amongst other things and is now in Melbourne working on a number of different boards and in philanthropy and still involved in fashion but at the other end of the spectrum consulting to retailers like Katie's and Millers as well as Plus sized fashion (an often overlooked customer segment) for larger women.  My best friend Jules is a fashion buyer for Kmart and high volume brands can often be just as challenging to sell as luxury ones.  I look forward to hearing what Megan does next and was thrilled to have a chat to her (we had to queue - it was all very rock star) at the end of the event about who she was wearing (Prada) and what she is up to now before her agent whisked her away.  She was lovely and is about to launch a business blog so stay tuned.

Speaking of Banyule, the 'Of light: Reflections on Colour' public program for the 2013 Banyule Award for Works on Paper opens tomorrow and runs until 14 December.  There's a free Lantern Workshop for Kids, an En Plein Air (location) workshop with Ted Dansey and a watercolour and drawing workshop with Artist in residence Simon MacEwan.  There are also two other free events - Curator's Talk with Claire Watson and a forum with participating artist Tai Smith, scientist and broadcaster Dr Andi Horwath and colour forecaster Genty Marshall.

More tomorrow!

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