Thursday, September 5, 2013

Laying low

Well Miss Rosanna is down but not out.  After succumbing to the worst flu I have ever had, I was then bowled over by a secondary sinus infection which had me in a world of pain for 10 days straight.  Not much fun at all.  Thank god for drugs is all I can say!  It's nice to be back in the land of the living after existing in a twilight world for the past fortnight.  Mr Rosanna has also been an absolute star picking up the ball and looking after me as well as our two boys - it's not been great timing having Nan and Papa away overseas!

Ah well, them's the breaks and I'll be looking at my health (or lack thereof) more seriously next term.  I am going to take that long awaited, much anticipated, and now desperately needed, holiday in the sun and I look forward to returning with a vengeance (and hopefully in rude good health) in a few weeks' time.
And my destination?  Well it's a lot further north (and east) and I will reveal all when I get back!  Take care until then and enjoy the warmth of Spring and the new season which is now well and truly upon us :-)


  1. Oh Miss Rosanna, it sounds absolutely terrible and I am so glad to hear that you are starting to feel a little better!! Your husband is an absolute trouper!

  2. It was the pits!! I wouldn't wish a sinus infection on my worst enemy! It's the second one I've had before and been a real wake up call in terms of looking after my own health which will be a priority next term. Will hopefully catch up with you at kinder tomorrow - the Lego party you did was fantastic!

  3. Have a well earned break, and enjoy your time north, I look forward to hearing where you went.

  4. Thanks so much Leanne - we'll have to catch up for a coffee when I get back - hope your plans are moving along. Cx